Bordeaux Wine ToteInvite me to dinner and I’ll come bearing gifts in tall bottles. This time of year, my bottle of choice is Beaujolais Nouveau, a harvest wine that pairs well with holiday foods like turkey and dressing. The presentation of this specially chosen wine is how I say “thank you” to my host/hostess for their hospitality, and its important to present with style. Enter: a quality tote.

Environmentally friendly, and oh-so-classy, the reusable Bordeaux Wine Tote from Maptotes is made from 100% cotton and features a whimsical silkscreen map of France’s famed Bordeaux wine country. The Bordeaux tote holds one bottle of wine and has convenient shoulder straps for easy transport to your dinner destination. Not a French wine fan? Maptotes wine totes are also available in La Rioja, Tuscany, Napa Valley, Philadelphia, and Manhattan designs. An ideal gift for enthusiasts, or a wonderful accessory for yourself, an attractive tote ensures your gift of wine will be remembered long after the contents of your bottle have disappeared.

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LL Bean Down East Breakfast ToteHailing from Maine I know a thing or two about L.L. Bean. As a child I relished watching all of the fish swimming in their indoor ponds during our frequent trips to the flagship store in Freeport, and I also worked for L.L. Bean during college. As I grew older my interests changed from aquariums to kitchens though and my favorite part of the store became the “Home” section. This pretty yet functional bag of goodies is a classic example of the fabulous finds you can uncover in-store. I tend to end up having a “one for you” and “one for me” mentality when it comes to gift sets and this Down East Breakfast Tote is no exception. With the holidays right around the corner, and department stores already forcing aisles of Christmas lights on us, now just might be the perfect time to stock up on Secret Santa and Hostess gifts. I simply can’t imagine anyone turning up their nose at buttermilk pancakes served with blueberry syrup, especially when made from a Stonewall Kitchen mix.

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