This cup will definitely make you do a double take! Cats and goldfish living in harmony, what has the world come to?! But wait! This curious kitty cat just happens to be a handy strainer for loose tea and those pesky goldfish are basking in your piping hot water. It’s not a grudge match but a match made in heaven. The Drinking with the Fishes Teacup is just what your favorite pet lover ordered. Now you only have to worry whether they like one lump of sugar or two.

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I happened upon this lovely little teacup while browsing ModCloth (thank you so much Alejandra for introducing me to this amazing store). I just love having cute mugs at the office and I think this Little Red Riding inspired cup would be a fantastic work accessory.

The Better to Brew You With Teacup is not only adorable but functional and I love that you have the option of brewing an afternoon cup of comfort (Lady Londonderry anyone?) with fresh loose tea as opposed to whatever funky tea bags I’ve had stashed in my desk for ages and ages. Plus clean-up appears to be a snap. You don’t have to fumble with stubborn tea ball latches anymore, just flick the used tea into the trash, wash the metal insert and store your cup proudly next to your purple flower Post-it notes and Alba Cocoa Butter hand lotion. Oh wait…that’s probably just my desk.

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Recycled Coffee/Tea Sack StockingCoffee, tea, or a stocking for me? Interesting and eco-friendly, the Recycled Coffee/Tea Sack Stocking appeals to foodie sensibilities while being socially responsible. Handmade in Guatemala, these striking stockings are crafted from sturdy recycled burlap bags and are a shining example of sustainable design at its best. With only 2.5 weeks until you hang your stocking by the chimney with care, consider the beauty of burlap. Tis the season to help save the world—stuff this recycled sock with fair trade coffees, chocolates, and soaps and you’ll be giving a gift—not only to your intended recipient—but to third-world artisans who receive vital income.

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 Celestial Seasonings Holiday TeasWhen the weather outside is frightful, nothing soothes like a steaming cup of hot tea. This time of year, my mug is filled with flavors of the season like peppermint, orange, and my favorite, Gingerbread Spice Herb Tea. With a nostalgic medley of ginger, cinnamon and other all-natural ingredients, Gingerbread Spice Herb Tea tastes and smells just like its oven-baked namesake. But—naturally free of refined sugars and added sweeteners—this tasty tea won’t have you packing on the holiday pounds. Gingerbread Spice Herb Tea is also caffeine free, and does not contain artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, making it a festive treat you can indulge in at any time of day or night.

Other delicious, all-natural teas in the Celestial Seasonings holiday line include: Candy Cane Lane, Nutcracker Sweet, Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride, and Sugar Plum Spice. Need some instant holiday cheer? Just add water. Note: these teas can be difficult to find on your grocer’s shelf. To locate a flavor near you, be sure to use the store search on each tea’s product page, or you can order directly online.

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