If I had a superhero name I’d probably be branded the “Anti-Crafter.” I’d ruin perfectly simple DIY projects with alarming accuracy and routinely stitch sewing attempts to my pants with resounding force. So while I very much enjoy cooking and baking I am horribly inadequate when it comes to other craft-tacular pursuits — with one exception. On occasion I have been known to embroider things without causing a global disaster.

I don’t do anything fancy and I only know how to do a basic stitch but since this is my one crafty saving grace I hold onto it with pride. The hands down best place to find fabulous, cheeky, and kitsch embroidery iron-on transfers is definitely Sublime Stitching. Cool food options abound on the site but my latest craving is the Sushi Bar set. Dreams of cocktail napkins decorated with maki dance in my head… There are also chopsticks, saki, and a pair of super cute lucky cats (aka Maneki Neko) included.

Sublime Stitching will mail you an iron-on transfer for $5 or you can download a PDF version that you can print at home and then trace onto projects with carbon paper or a transfer pen. I don’t know about you but I’m feeling the urge for some spicy tuna with a side of thread?!

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Sushi Pups ToysThe only thing better than a heaping platter of freshly made sushi being set in front of me is the thought that my kitties could play with these plush sushi toys. Technically they’re marketed for the puppy in your life, but my two little guys go gaga over all things fishy so why couldn’t they chase and fetch tuna, salmon, and uni maki all over the living room too? Just like when you get take-out you can order these toys individually or in combos.

[Product Submitted via Allen].

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Revenge Of The SushiI knew my love of Volcano Rolls would finally catch up to me one day. But what a way to go, right? So break out the chopsticks and order an extra large side of spicy mayo because we’re going out in style; especially if you’re sporting this quirky Revenge of the Sushi t-shirt from the always creative Threadless catalog. On second thought…you might just want to put down the edamame and run for your life! That spicy tuna roll looks like it means business.

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