Kissing ElvesWant to spice up your holidays? Look no further than these amorous elves! The Kissing Elves Salt & Pepper set includes a duo of hard-working ceramic helpers with a truly magnetic attraction. Ingenious magnets in their lips allow the boy and girl elves to kiss when placed together—no mistletoe required! Dishwasher safe, and easy to fill and clean, these kissing cuties would make an adorable addition to any holiday table.

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Fortune Cookie Salt and Pepper ShakersConfucius say foods seasoned with fortune cookie shakers taste real yummy. This adorable fortune cookie salt and pepper set contains two white cookie shakers and a black tray for display on your kitchen counter or tabletop. Dishwasher-safe, each ceramic cookie measures 3” in diameter. In life it is uncertain how the fates will shake out, but your salt? With these little cookies, a goodly sprinkling is guaranteed.

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Ninja Salt and Pepper ShakersNinjas are awesome! So is properly seasoned food. Bring these dudes to your table and you’ll have the best of both worlds. This Ninja Salt and Pepper shaker set comes with two ceramic warriors ready to serve. With coordinating black and white sashes, a miniature throwing star and sword, these fearsome assassins are really very cute. A word of caution: while these kitchen ninjas won’t kill you in your sleep, a too-heavy hand with the pepper might give you heartburn. Proceed with dietary vigilance.

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