Snowman PastaLet’s ponder for a second the possibility that maybe this year Santa doesn’t want you to set out milk and cookies for his annual trip down your chimney. Perhaps the big guy will go into sugar shock somewhere over the Pacific Ocean and he’d simply relish a small break from sprinkles and chocolate chips? If you think this might even be a remote possibility then might I suggest a well-timed bowl of piping hot Snowman Macaroni and Cheese should be left fireside instead? While all of that gooey Gruyère certainly wont lessen Santa’s waistline one bit it will definitely perk him up for the long toy delivery journey ahead.

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Black Cat Halloween PastaHosting a Halloween get together this year? Then why not whip us a dish that will impress your friend’s stomachs with this holiday themed pasta. Macaroni and Cheese, Pasta Salad, or even a healthy noodle soup will all give your spooky day an added bonus. So whether you decided to spoon up a creepy array of spider webs or the more mysterious black cats and paw prints I’m sure your fellow foodies will appreciate the subtle treat you’re providing for them.

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