This cup will definitely make you do a double take! Cats and goldfish living in harmony, what has the world come to?! But wait! This curious kitty cat just happens to be a handy strainer for loose tea and those pesky goldfish are basking in your piping hot water. It’s not a grudge match but a match made in heaven. The Drinking with the Fishes Teacup is just what your favorite pet lover ordered. Now you only have to worry whether they like one lump of sugar or two.

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New year, new you — or at least a new mug. French Bull, known for their glorious array of vividly colored tableware, has released an eye-catching set of zodiac mugs that will give your morning coffee an entirely unique and personalized look. As a Gemini, this cup perfectly illustrates the duality of my personality. What does your cup say about you?

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Starbucks Red Holiday To-Go MugNo holiday season officially begins until Starbucks unveils their red paper cups in stores. At the same time, they also release their limited edition Red Holiday To-Go Mug. The Red Holiday To-Go Mug is a ceramic version of the holiday-themed paper cups that come around for the winter season. Personally owning one of these I can officially say that they are a great holiday gift for the Starbucks enthusiast in your family. The Red Holiday To-Go Mug is available online or at your local Starbucks Coffee Shop.

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Swarovski Crystal Cup RingI love to keep a funky and unique mug at my office desk and this Swarovski Crystal studded cup is simply the perfect piece of porcelain for the job. Not only does bringing your own drinkware to work allow you to be green it also cuts down on any accidental co-worker coffee consumptions. Besides, Beyonce has been telling us all year to “Put a Ring On it” so if you can’t get your significant other to splurge on a Tiffany’s purchase you can at least have a little sparkle while you charge up for that 8:30 AM meeting. Plus it comes in silver or gold!

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