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Now if this brand new bean pot from Le Creuset doesn’t scream picking apples, pumpkin spice, and changing leaves (aka Fall in New England) then I don’t know what would.

Sure you can make baked beans in a regular pot but why would you? This piece also just happens to be from the Heritage collection which brings back vintage Le Creuset designs so we can enjoy them in our kitchens immediately instead of scouring estate sales and ebay for them. An extra special added bonus: it’s dishwasher safe. Huzzah! Saturday night baked beans and hot dogs for everyone!

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I have another hot shopping tip for you. This Friday (June 18th, 2010) at 11:00 AM EST the venerable Rue La La is having a sale on Le Creuset products. Yay! Let’s hope they have pretty colors to choose from because I don’t actually own a proper full-sized brand name dutch oven. I shockingly enough just have a smaller version that I had to hunt down on eBay. Unfortunately I paid more for that unique pot in lilac than you’re going to pay for the gigantic version on Friday, but perhaps this sale will be good enough to tempt us all to splurge?

I also have one “don’t buy this” suggestion. I own a Caribbean Blue Le Creuset enamel stock pot and while I used to like it quite a bit I’m finding that I don’t like it anymore. It’s quite thin and contents on the bottom of the pot catch on all the time making it horrible to clean. So even if they have some of those for super cheap I’d avoid them.

Please remember that you need a Rue La La membership to access the sale, but don’t worry you can sign-up by clicking on this link. Sign me up for Rue La La right now! [Many thanks to Karen for the email alerting me to this fabulous sale].

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Good Morning! I wanted to alert you to a sale on Amazon featuring a select array of Le Creuset. The sale appears to pertain to the multi-purpose enamel stockpots. I own one in Caribbean and love it. In addition, other items available at a significant discount include the 2-quart stoneware pitchers, single stoneware baking dishes, sets of stoneware bakers, and the square cast-iron grill skillets. These are all really functional pieces to own and they come in a variety of fresh and funky colors so I’m positive that you’ll find at least one piece that will appeal to your tastes and kitchen needs. Happy shopping!

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I feel like shouting, “It’s alive!” After months of searching for purple versions of Le Creuset products, which I documented on my blog, and finally giving in and purchasing several pieces on eBay, at last the Le Creuset pieces formerly known as “lilac mist” and “aubergine” have been rebranded and released in the states as “lilac” and “cassis.” Why? I have no idea. Perhaps these are more “American” sounding colors? But either way I’m ecstatic. Currently these pieces are exclusive to Sur La Table. Personally I feel that a big dutch oven purchase is in my immediate future.

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