Phillips Candy House Pumpkin Pie FudgePhillips Candy House is Boston’s oldest chocolatier and this Fall they’ve concocted a decadent dessert of epic proportions. Trust me when I say that their brilliant combination of a hearty melt-in-your mouth slice of pumpkin fudge nestled on a bed of dark chocolate crust is to-die-for. It’s certainly a unique experience to dig into an enormous wedge of spiced fudge with a knife and fork. If I were you I’d order these treats for the Thanksgiving table in lieu of all those more traditional (aka ho-hum) fruit pies. Like all of the other lovely pumpkin products that come out each Fall this fabulous fudge will only be available for a limited time so don’t dawdle or you’ll miss your chance for a killer sugar high.

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Halloween Haunted House KitI can’t think of a better way to kick-off Halloween than with a creepy edible Haunted House project. Whether you live with children, parents, or roommates, everyone in your home will enjoy this whimsical kit. Make a mess, make a masterpiece, or simply dig into the candy corn. Everything you need to create a scary seasonal centerpiece is included from jet black icing to jack-o-lanterns. You’ll have to break out the Ouija board though if you want any real spirits to inhabit your gingerbread house. The dearly departed are sold separately.

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