Themed cupcake kits with cute adornments are all the rage these days. They’re also extremely handy for those of you (like me) who can’t decorate baked goods to save your life. In an effort to not bring treats to parties that look like a five-year-old was getting busy in the kitchen you can still swirl on the boring layer of plain icing, but then brighten things up immensely with just the touch of a toothpick.

This particular kit is perfect for all of the lazy football filled Sundays that await us this Fall. The helmets and cheerleaders are especially fetching, and if you get bored with all the intentional grounding and first downs you can always pull off the paper footballs and flick them at other people’s heads.

Just when you thought that cupcakes couldn’t possibly get any cuter someone comes along and designs costumes for them. For local readers please note that I happened upon these Yum Bot silicone bases while browsing at Henry Bear’s Park, a toy store in Porter Square.

While I’m never been one to geek-out over cupcakes, the science fiction nod that this product brings to the table truly speaks to my inner geek. These would, of course, make excellent additions to any child’s themed birthday party, but honestly I think I’d rather break them out for a Doctor Who marathon. As long as the Yum Bots don’t try to take over the world I think we’ll be in good shape.

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All I seem to talk about lately is how hot I am. How hot my apartment is. How hot my poor furry cats are etc… Perhaps the worst part is sleeping at night though. You see, I’m a spoiled girl who until recently had spent the last three city summers in chilly centrally air cooled glory. So my pajama selection reflected this lifestyle and has been essentially composed of pants of cotton or flannel (I know…I know…how unsexy) in various prints and colors. Which was fine, but did I mention that I’m hot and sweating to death every night?! I desperately need new pajamas that are short, cool, and preferably cute – STAT.

Well ask the internet and she will deliver. Check out this sugary sweet cupcake studded chemise from Munki Munki. It doesn’t get very much more adorable then that. This cheeky little number would be the perfect thing for me to beat the heat in. Especially since I’ve taken to running around the house in CK’s t-shirts hoping that I don’t inadvertently flash the neighbors. Click here to see a close-up view of the must-have cupcake print and start picking out the trashy beach book you’re going to devour after you slip on this baker-chic lounge-ware. Operation sleepless nights has been officially put to bed.

[Many thank to West Coast Erin for pointing out this funky brand to me].

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Cupcakes Are Cool TeeYou know you love them. Red Velvet, Mojito, or basic Chocolate — cupcake is practically your middle name. Come to think of it “Cupcake” is a much nicer nickname than “Pork Chop,” which is how my uncle affectionately used to refer to me growing up, but I digress.

The super stylish and slim-fitting Cupcakes Are Cool Tee is made from 100 percent cotton jersey and the Yummery reader who submitted the product had a fabulous customer service experience with the Etsy seller. They were extremely timely in responding to her inquiry, and even assisted her in detail regarding how to calculate the size she should order for her daughter. This darling item has a limited availability so get in line now cupcake aficionados before you lose out on this tasty opportunity.

[Product submitted by Dani].

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