All I seem to talk about lately is how hot I am. How hot my apartment is. How hot my poor furry cats are etc… Perhaps the worst part is sleeping at night though. You see, I’m a spoiled girl who until recently had spent the last three city summers in chilly centrally air cooled glory. So my pajama selection reflected this lifestyle and has been essentially composed of pants of cotton or flannel (I know…I know…how unsexy) in various prints and colors. Which was fine, but did I mention that I’m hot and sweating to death every night?! I desperately need new pajamas that are short, cool, and preferably cute – STAT.

Well ask the internet and she will deliver. Check out this sugary sweet cupcake studded chemise from Munki Munki. It doesn’t get very much more adorable then that. This cheeky little number would be the perfect thing for me to beat the heat in. Especially since I’ve taken to running around the house in CK’s t-shirts hoping that I don’t inadvertently flash the neighbors. Click here to see a close-up view of the must-have cupcake print and start picking out the trashy beach book you’re going to devour after you slip on this baker-chic lounge-ware. Operation sleepless nights has been officially put to bed.

[Many thank to West Coast Erin for pointing out this funky brand to me].

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Barefoot Contessa Red Velvet Cupcake Mix One year my mother and I made a homemade Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. After spending the good part of an afternoon creating our cake we finally finished and placed it on the porch to harden the icing. Then we proceeded to get ready to go to my grandmother’s for Christmas Eve.

Unfortunately our cat Lucy chose that exact time to wander in from a day playing in the woods surrounding our house. He (yes, Lucy, was a boy…it’s a long story) was apparently hungry so he started licking our cake with exuberant relish. And that’s just where we found him a short while later. Needless to say his frosted whiskers forever labeled him as a Christmas cake culprit.

Thanks to Ina Garten though you wont have to slave over a hot stove all day to make a special holiday dessert that the whole family will love. Brand new for the season and just waiting to be scooped into paper-lined baking tins is the Barefoot Contessa’s Red Velvet Cupcake Mix. In mere minutes you’ll have piping hot festive cupcakes fresh from the oven. You may want to keep an extra package or two on hand though just in case your favorite furry friend takes a liking to the dessert tray.

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Blissful Bath Fizzy Bath CupcakesMerry Citrus! Bath time is da bomb with fizzy, skin-softening cupcakes from Blissful Bath. Richly scented with a festive holiday blend of ripe raspberries, sweet plum, scrumptious vanilla, and refreshing citrus, this adorable, Christmas-themed cupcake would make an excellent stocking stuffer or girlfriend gift. In the mood to indulge? Fizzy bath cupcakes won’t make you fat, and with offerings like Pink Champagne, Blushing Bride, Glitter Girl, Jamaiican Me Crazy, and Kisses From Kauai, you might find you need a couple … cause really, cupcakes without the guilt? Ah-mazing!

[Product submitted by Carrie].

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Cupcake BeanieI cut all of my hair off last weekend so my poor little ears are feeling very exposed in the frigid October air but I’m not quite ready to give in to Mother Nature just yet. I absolutely refuse to turn our heat on or wear my winter coat or a hat until at least November. But when I do finally admit to myself that frostbite is imminently on the horizon I think this tasty Cupcake Beanie will be at the top of my shopping list. Now I just need to figure out whether I’m a vanilla or strawberry kind of girl. Decisions…decisions…or perhaps I should say delicious…delicious…

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Mermaid Cupcake KitThe first movie I ever bought for myself was The Little Mermaid with $20 that I received from a kindly relative on my 9th birthday. To that end I’ll forever associate mermaids with birthdays and other celebrations and I’m sure your little party princess will relish having the same opportunity. This precious kit can effortlessly serve as your theme party’s jumping off point and will undoubtedly yield dressed up cupcakes that will be the hit of the pre-teen set. Best of all everyone can pick a cupcake that “looks like” herself as these mermaids sport an array of luscious locks.

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