While most children probably don’t need the added distraction of toys a dinner time, as an adult I find myself completely enamored with the idea of having my table set with an array of these Chalkboard Placemats.

Imagine the impromptu games of hangman and tick-tack-toe that will spontaneously erupt during your latest dinner party?! Not to mention the convenience of jotting down grocery items, story ideas, or “to do” lists while you have your morning coffee. No pen? No problem!

Each inspiring set contains one placemat, four pieces of colorless, dustless chalk, and a recycled felt eraser. It would appear that my fellow allergy sufferers wont have to run screaming from a dusty dining room, unless someone decides to scape their nails down the middle of their placemat…

Chalk Note Glassware It’s official. I’m completely obsessed with this whole writable dish fad. Let’s face it. I’ve never been very good at remembering what wine charm someone placed on my glass. I tend to end up wondering, “Now…was I a sea horse or a cupcake?” But you really can’t make a mistake when your name is scrawled across the front of your tumbler in neon chalk. Unless of course you’ve been imbibing a bit too much? In that case I don’t think the Chalk Note Glassware is going to help at all. Might I suggest three Tylenol and a bottle of ginger-ale?

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