This cup will definitely make you do a double take! Cats and goldfish living in harmony, what has the world come to?! But wait! This curious kitty cat just happens to be a handy strainer for loose tea and those pesky goldfish are basking in your piping hot water. It’s not a grudge match but a match made in heaven. The Drinking with the Fishes Teacup is just what your favorite pet lover ordered. Now you only have to worry whether they like one lump of sugar or two.

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Holiday Peppermint Striped Kitty CrackersMeowy Christmas! Beloved San Francisco-based pet boutique, George (featured in magazines like Metropolitan Home, House & Garden, Instyle, and Lucky) takes the traditional British Christmas cracker and gives it a twist with these adorable Holiday Peppermint Striped Kitty Krackers, made specially for your favorite feline. Fashioned into tantalizing sausage-like shapes, these festive toys with their jaunty striped fabric are stuffed with organically grown catnip that’s sure to make kitty’s pawlidays merry and bright. Available in both kitten and tomcat sizes, Holiday Peppermint Striped Kitty Krackers make a purrrrrfect gift for sassy cats.

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You Bake 'Em Cat TreatsGrowing up my mother would often make homemade treats for our dog, Dixie. Dixie would lose his mind over these treats. He’d dance in place, spin in a circle, and eat the large bone-shaped biscuits in mere seconds.

I don’t have a dog now but those of you who read my other blogs are probably well aware of my fondness (bordering on crazy cat lady obsession) for Watson and Dexter, the two cats that I adopted this year. Remembering how earnestly that sweet old dog loved his freshly baked nibbles I’ve been wondering if my kittens would also appreciate such care and attention to their food.

I was able to find a number of recipes online for cat treats but recently I stumbled upon a You Bake ‘Em Cat Treats kit. Frankly a kit is more my speed, especially when I’m attempting something for the first time, and this set appears to include everything you’ll need (5 cookie cutters, a recipe book, and even little gift bags) to have your furry friends purring their fuzzy heads off in record time.

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Sushi Pups ToysThe only thing better than a heaping platter of freshly made sushi being set in front of me is the thought that my kitties could play with these plush sushi toys. Technically they’re marketed for the puppy in your life, but my two little guys go gaga over all things fishy so why couldn’t they chase and fetch tuna, salmon, and uni maki all over the living room too? Just like when you get take-out you can order these toys individually or in combos.

[Product Submitted via Allen].

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Yeowww! Catnip BananaI like my catnip like I like my raisins: organic and awesome. The Yeowww! Catnip Banana is not only cute, but it’s stuffed with 100% organically grown and intensely scented catnip. My cats go crazy for this toy! The only downside? The banana has been known to inspire annoying Internet phenomenon flashbacks. Can you say, ITS PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME?

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Black Cat Halloween PastaHosting a Halloween get together this year? Then why not whip us a dish that will impress your friend’s stomachs with this holiday themed pasta. Macaroni and Cheese, Pasta Salad, or even a healthy noodle soup will all give your spooky day an added bonus. So whether you decided to spoon up a creepy array of spider webs or the more mysterious black cats and paw prints I’m sure your fellow foodies will appreciate the subtle treat you’re providing for them.

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