It might just be because I didn’t have a proper lunch today, or maybe it’s simply that it’s really cute? Perhaps I’m just feeling nostalgic, but I find that this Candy Stash Wallet from Fred Flare is so delightfully yummy looking!

Admittedly though it’s not my style and I don’t think I could pull off keeping my T-Pass in this kitsch little clutch but I certainly hope at least one of you takes the plunge.

Just please, whatever you do, don’t leave it anywhere near me or I’m likely to start picking at it and maybe even nibbling incessantly, and then we’ll probably get into an altercation that is decidedly not sweet at all.

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Holiday Peppermint Striped Kitty CrackersMeowy Christmas! Beloved San Francisco-based pet boutique, George (featured in magazines like Metropolitan Home, House & Garden, Instyle, and Lucky) takes the traditional British Christmas cracker and gives it a twist with these adorable Holiday Peppermint Striped Kitty Krackers, made specially for your favorite feline. Fashioned into tantalizing sausage-like shapes, these festive toys with their jaunty striped fabric are stuffed with organically grown catnip that’s sure to make kitty’s pawlidays merry and bright. Available in both kitten and tomcat sizes, Holiday Peppermint Striped Kitty Krackers make a purrrrrfect gift for sassy cats.

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Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff MintBow WOW! Impress your pooch this Christmas with the gift of an Orbee-Tuff Mint dog toy. This toy is buoyant, bouncy, and durable—great for dogs who like to gnaw! The pleasant minty scent, non-toxic construction, and dishwasher safe materials make the peppermint dog toy a win for doggie mommas and daddies as well. Best of all, this product is made in the USA by a socially responsible, values-based designer who creates long lasting toys “made for dogs, by dog lovers.”  For the lucky recipient of this adorable dog toy, the howlidays will be happy indeed.

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Phillips Candy House Pumpkin Pie FudgePhillips Candy House is Boston’s oldest chocolatier and this Fall they’ve concocted a decadent dessert of epic proportions. Trust me when I say that their brilliant combination of a hearty melt-in-your mouth slice of pumpkin fudge nestled on a bed of dark chocolate crust is to-die-for. It’s certainly a unique experience to dig into an enormous wedge of spiced fudge with a knife and fork. If I were you I’d order these treats for the Thanksgiving table in lieu of all those more traditional (aka ho-hum) fruit pies. Like all of the other lovely pumpkin products that come out each Fall this fabulous fudge will only be available for a limited time so don’t dawdle or you’ll miss your chance for a killer sugar high.

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Field Guide to CandyThe Field Guide to Candy conceived by blogger Anita Chu of Dessert First is a tiny cookbook that just brims with fascinating facts, tips, and recipes. I personally would never have dreamed to attempt making my own Gummy Bears, Maple Sugar Candy, or Rock Candy at home. These are all treats that I’ve ordinarily purchased in a store, but with Anita’s straightforward and easy to follow instructions I’m confident that I’m now in possession of the knowledge to become a one woman candy making machine.

From the publisher: Field Guide to Candy includes traditional favorites and exotic treats from all over the world, everything from peanut butter cups and salt-water taffy to Pastelia (Greek honey candy) and Turkish Delight. Each candy is photographed in glorious full color, with step-by-step instructions on how to prepare, make, serve, and store your creations. Yummy homemade confections are just minutes away with Field Guide to Candy in your pantry!

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