Chew on this! From organic baby product company, Under The Nile, comes a crate of full of veggies your little one will love to gum. The organic cotton veggies baby teething toys set features a smooth wooden box with four soft cotton vegetables—a carrot, mushroom, green bean, and tomato—tucked in and ready for baby’s play. Stuffed with 100% organic Egyptian cotton, these veggies are safe for little mouths to chew on, and encourage children to develop a positive attitude towards food stuff found in the produce aisle. Teaching kids to reach for veggies even before they’re old enough to spear their first asparagus? Genius. Now if only there was something similar for all those grownup veggie-shy bachelors …

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Lobster Baby CostumeI dare you to resist the urge to burst into songs from The Little Mermaid after you dress your adorable little girl or boy in this bright and cheerful lobster outfit. Perhaps the early exposure to seafood will also curb any chance that your baby will develop into a picky non-seafood eater. If you’re still looking for a costume of your own to go along with your bouncing crustacean might I suggest a stick of butter. Or is that too dark?

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