Hello Kitty ApronThis Hello Kitty apron is absurdly cute and very pink which automatically makes it a must have in my book. Protect your pretty clothes from random splashes and other kitchen disasters with this functional frock. Hello Kitty totally has your back! Perhaps the best thing about this item though is that it comes in miniature too. Now your “mini me” can bake in identical tandem with you. Besides, everyone knows that two kitties are better than one.

[Thank you to Babette & Manouschka for the link].

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Pimento ApronThe quite appropriately named “Pimento” apron makes me want to get my inner Project Runway on, whip out a needle and thread, sew up the sides and sport this funky little number to a soiree. Don’t you agree? So if this apron is hot enough to wear for a crowd just imagine the damage it can do in the privacy of your own kitchen. But wait…there’s more! You can accessorize your fabulous new baking look with matching tea towels, oven mitts, and potholders. Your mother always told you to match, right? Now go make mummy proud.

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