Kit’s Holiday Baking Kit

by Erin

Kit's Holiday Baking KitI like to tease my mother about the fact that I never got an American Girl doll for Christmas growing up; whereas my younger sister came along and somehow ended up with at least half a dozen. To this day I have a soft spot for these historical dolls and I’ve been known to wander around the brick and mortar American Girl store in the Natick Mall with a look of awe upon my face.

Presently my pick for best American Girl doll is Kitt Kittredge, probably because I loved how adorably Amber Breslin portrayed her in the film version. One of the Kitt doll’s accessories also happens to be a fabulous holiday baking kit that includes: 3 cookie recipe cards, 2 metal measuring cups, a pretend sugar box, a pretend flour box, a pretend can of baking powder, a flour sifter with a handle that really turns, a wooden rolling pin Kit can use to “press” patterns into the dough, 2 metal cookie cutters to create festive shapes in the dough, pretend cookies on a golden platter, and a festive tablecloth with a star-shaped centerpiece.

I’m certain that doll lovers (whether they be offical owners of the Kitt doll or not) will light up upon opening this fanciful set. This would also be the perfect Christmas Eve gift if your family happens to holds with the tradition of children opening one present the night before Christmas.

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