Bar Bingo

by Erin

The next time your bar outing start to get a little to ho-hum why not break out this cute Bingo set to really liven up the table? No matter where your favorite watering hole happens to reside I can’t imagine it will take long for you to spot any of the following:

  • a pickup
  • public making out
  • frat boys
  • dude wearing sunglasses inside
  • group shots

I definitely know for a fact that fifteen minutes into any night out in Boston would result in a BINGO! This game comes in a deck of 12 reusable cards and don’t worry — there’s no need for tacky bingo markers. You can simply bend back each icon’s tab to mark your discoveries. I love being able to get my snark on covertly, don’t you?

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1 Michelle January 21, 2011 at 5:03 pm

My husband and I had our own version of Bingo for years … Trust those clever peeps at Knock-Knock to get it done!


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