Popping Edamame Keychain

by Erin

Popping Edamame Keychain Edamame is a relatively new staple in my culinary repertoire. It started innocently enough with some tentative sampling at various sushi restaurants and resulted in a fiendish love of the little green soy beans that has blossomed into a full on obsession. I find myself buying edamame all the time now. Sometimes I’ll even cook a batch and eat them lightly dusted with sea salt instead of popcorn while watching television. I suppose there are many worse things I could confess to eating though so all in all this is at the very least a healthy food compulsion. If you love edamame too and wish to never be parted from their flavorful presence then I’d recommend attaching your house keys to this Popping Edamame Keychain. That way you can enjoy the popping sensation again and again even when you don’t have a boiling pot of salted water readily on hand.

[Product submitted by Carrie].

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1 Grace October 26, 2009 at 2:24 pm

I love it!!


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