TCHOPro Organic Fair Trade Baking Drops

by Erin

TCHOPro Organic Fair Trade Baking DropsI’ve been lucky enough to be a beta tester for the TCHO line of delicious chocolate products over the last year. Every few months just the right amount of scrumptious rich chocolate arrives on my doorstep and I get to taste it and make comments before it’s released to the public. In the past I’ve chopped up bars to use in cookies but now you don’t have to with the public release of the TCHOPro Organic Fair Trade Baking Drops. From the TCHO creators:

TCHOPro Organic Fair Trade Baking Drops are a meticulously formulated 66% or 68% cacao blend with TCHO’s characteristic flavor obsession that performs to the highest technical standards. Now available to serious home chefs. TCHO Baking Drops are the exact formulations we developed for food professionals in our TCHOPro line—and are now being used by leading chefs and chocolatiers across the country.

Flavor Notes: Intense chocolatey flavor, mid-tones of berry and a nice caramel finish.

If you decide to try their baking drops for yourself might I suggest a tried and true cookie recipe?

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