Rachel’s Wickedly Delicious Cucumber Dill Cottage Cheese

by Erin

Rachel's Cucumber Dill Cottage CheeseI have a new breakfast obsession. It’s Rachel’s Wickedly Delicious Cucumber Dill Cottage Cheese. I stumbled upon these 5 ounce cups of deliciousness a few weeks ago and I’ve been shouting their praises ever since. Frankly I get that the idea of cucumber and dill in cottage cheese might seem a bit revolting but I’ve been assured by my friend Jaime that there is a vast majority of people who are fans of putting dill pickles in cottage cheese. I haven’t tried it personally yet but I wholeheartedly recommend giving this snack a shot. Plus all of the Rachel’s family of products are free of artificial flavors, preservatives or sweeteners, and are made using milk from cows not given artificial growth hormones. What do you have to lose? Rachel’s even offers you coupons.

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