Teapot With A Cold

by Erin

Teapot With A ColdI defy you to look at this darling teapot and not say, awwww. Can’t do it, right? From the whimsical mind of Argentinean artist, Lola Goldstein comes (quite possibly) the cutest teapot ever made. Hand glazed and hand painted by the artist herself, each earthenware clay teapot is as unique as its cozy; not your grandmother’s frumpy cover, every Goldstein piece comes complete with either a hand-knit hat or scarf to keep the teapot warm. Imaginative dual spouts make tea for two a breeze, but tea for one is just as easy. If you like your tea with two lumps of sugar and an extra dose of adorable, consider adding this too-cute teapot to your collection.

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