Personalized Ice Cream Bowl

by Erin

Personalized Ice Cream BowlWhat?! You don’t have your very own personalized ice cream bowl?! What’s wrong with you? Thanks to my mom I’ve had mine for years and years. You’re completely missing out! Ben & Jerry’s never tasted so good. Plus, since the bowl has your name and likeness on it you don’t have to share anything that you put in it. This means that pint of Cookie Dough Ice Cream is all yours.

Don’t worry. This special bowl isn’t just for girls. They have a male version as well, and while you can’t change the clothing that your ice cream avatar will sport you can select hair color and skin tone. The only draw back? They take a little while to create and ship. Make sure you order by December 2 if you want to receive this dish in time for the holidays.

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