Munki Munki Cupcake Chemise

by Erin

All I seem to talk about lately is how hot I am. How hot my apartment is. How hot my poor furry cats are etc… Perhaps the worst part is sleeping at night though. You see, I’m a spoiled girl who until recently had spent the last three city summers in chilly centrally air cooled glory. So my pajama selection reflected this lifestyle and has been essentially composed of pants of cotton or flannel (I know…I know…how unsexy) in various prints and colors. Which was fine, but did I mention that I’m hot and sweating to death every night?! I desperately need new pajamas that are short, cool, and preferably cute – STAT.

Well ask the internet and she will deliver. Check out this sugary sweet cupcake studded chemise from Munki Munki. It doesn’t get very much more adorable then that. This cheeky little number would be the perfect thing for me to beat the heat in. Especially since I’ve taken to running around the house in CK’s t-shirts hoping that I don’t inadvertently flash the neighbors. Click here to see a close-up view of the must-have cupcake print and start picking out the trashy beach book you’re going to devour after you slip on this baker-chic lounge-ware. Operation sleepless nights has been officially put to bed.

[Many thank to West Coast Erin for pointing out this funky brand to me].

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1 Erin July 31, 2010 at 2:15 pm

That is so cute. Munki Munki is seriously addicting. Word is that you can sometimes pick it up at TJ Maxx, Ross, etc.


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