Candy Corn Costume

by Erin

Adult Candy Corn CostumeHalloween is just nine days away. Have you found your costume? If not, you may want to think sweet. Whether Tootsie Rolls, Sugar Babies or Hershey’s Kisses, what better way to pay tribute to your favorite sugary snack then by donning a costume in its likeness? We happen to know that Yummery Shopanista, Erin has a big thing for fall’s sweetest (and most triangular) treat. We think she’d look just darling in this Candy Corn Costume with its outrageous wig and flirty tri-color dress. Now if only I could find such a garb for my grams to pay homage to her favorite snack. Apparently though, there’s not much demand for Sunkist Prune costumes.

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