Valentines Day

I get it. Everyone hates Valentine’s Day, but if you have a significant someone in your life be it friend or lover please don’t buy them chocolates from CVS on your way home from work. Put a little thought into how you’d like to treat the special people in your life. Believe me — we know when something has been done in a half-assed manner.

Thankfully I have a solution for those of you who are truly gift giving disasters. Go buy a Valentine’s Day Handmade Food Gift Box from Eat Boutique right now! Trust me. They’re going to sell out and then you’ll find yourself embarrassingly scouring the picked over shelves full of lime lollipops and waxy chocolate hearts dreaming about all of the amazing treats you’re missing out on. Delicious things like: Salt and Pepper Chocolate, Snowball Cookies, Chocolate Raspberry Cashews and much much more.

Eat Boutique’s gift boxes are packed with a hand-written card and will be shipped directly to your recipient in time for February 14, 2011. You can thank me for giving you the scoop later.

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It’s that time again…Valentine’s Day. The holiday that single-handedly alienates, disappoints, and destroys human morale every February. But at least it’s a good excuse to eat candy. Instead of over indulging in high calorie boxes of cheap chocolates though (yes, I know, that little map makes them practically irresistible) why not stock up on pretty gummy hearts? You can sneak them into the movie theater and throw them at the annoying teenagers making out three rows in front of you. Or share these ruby-red gems with weepy looking co-workers who don’t get flowers sent to them at the office. Red Gummy Hearts are truly a multi-purpose treat that will keep you sugared and sane during this most absurd of holidays.

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While shopping for a birthday card in Paper Source these adorable scratch and sniff Valentines stopped me dead in my tracks. You’ll be the belle of the ball this February if you send out these disarmingly cute cards to your friends. Why should little kids be the only ones to enjoy this festive exchange of correspondence? Tell the ones you love that you seriously heart them by mailing a cheery ice cream, popsicles, or snow cone in vivid scents like strawberry, vanilla, orange and blueberry. The Fun Pack contains 20 scented cards comprised of 4 different designs as well as accompanying envelopes. By the way, of course I bought a set for myself, how could anyone possibly resist the temptation?!

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