When I happened upon these adorable containers this morning I knew instantly that they would be item #1 on my Christmas list this year. I’m a sucker for cuteness and these colorful stoneware versions of the funky green fruit baskets that we usually toss immediately after buying cherries, berries, and tomatoes are the perfect small accessory to add to my tiny city kitchen. I love the soft pastel hues and think they would be a great option for serving individual portions of chips and crackers at your next party too. Pretty and functional — what’s not to love?!

I’m in the market for a new pepper mill after finally giving up on my original salt and pepper mills from Crate and Barrel. Every year or so one or the other would break and after purchasing four in a row I decided enough was enough. Normally I wouldn’t stick so adamantly with a product that possessed such a problematic shelf live but they were very elegant and honestly I figured I use a lot of pepper so the wear and tear was probably a bit much.

Currently I’m making do with a disposable pepper mill from the grocery store, but this perfectly pretty purple pepper mill has definitely caught my eye and I think it has the potential to add a whole new level of pizazz to my dinner table. What do you think?

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I think I have a little addiction to all of the designer discount sites that are popping up everywhere. It started with Rue La La and progressed rapidly since then. The thing is I don’t tend to buy sexy stilettos and leather handbags. Instead, I’m on the prowl for great deals on kitchen gadgets, cute dishes, and colorful utensils. Most of the time I’m able to curb my desire to impulse shop my way into the poor house but sometimes a girl can’t control herself and I hit the “submit” button on a great order of fabulous things.

One Kings Lane happens to be one of these addicting sites. Generally they specialize in designer décor, furniture, accessories and gifts, but they’ve recently announced that they’ll be expanding into kitchen goodies. Every Sunday (beginning on August 29, 2010) at 5:00 PM PDT, One Kings Lane will offer the latest in gourmet food. The debut “Surf and Turf” themed event will feature products from Estancia Beef, Lobster Anywhere, East Coast Gourmet and Cranberry Island Kitchen. Are you getting hungry yet? Then I think it’s time that you signed up!

While most children probably don’t need the added distraction of toys a dinner time, as an adult I find myself completely enamored with the idea of having my table set with an array of these Chalkboard Placemats.

Imagine the impromptu games of hangman and tick-tack-toe that will spontaneously erupt during your latest dinner party?! Not to mention the convenience of jotting down grocery items, story ideas, or “to do” lists while you have your morning coffee. No pen? No problem!

Each inspiring set contains one placemat, four pieces of colorless, dustless chalk, and a recycled felt eraser. It would appear that my fellow allergy sufferers wont have to run screaming from a dusty dining room, unless someone decides to scape their nails down the middle of their placemat…

I actually had to Google it this morning so now I know it’s official — Easter is literally right around the corner. Peter Cotton Tail will be hopping down the bunny trail on Sunday, April 4th this year. That means it’s time to plan the all important Easter Brunch/Dinner with family.

No pressure or anything! Even pancakes whipped up from a box will retain an air of luster if you serve them with a pretty napkin wrapped in this cute Bunny Ring. I can’t help but think that little kids will be slightly enthralled by these bright yellow bunnies too. So if you’re missing a few when you start to clear the table I’d suggest taking a peek in their Easter baskets. The Pearl Tail Bunny Napkin Ring is only available in-store at Pier 1 Imports.

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