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I’m not a bargain shopper. I’m actually more likely than not to be the person who never finds good deals or treasures in the clearance aisles. I’m the girl who pays full price and then sees her co-worker wearing the exact same thing that they found for $4. So you’ll have to excuse me while I brag just a tiny bit. You see, I just scored 9 bottles of wine for $25 via a fantastic deal on Buy With Me.

For four more days you can purchase a $75 gift card to use at for only $35. Click on the “more deals” link to find the offer.

Sorry guys…I had an additional $10 coupon code (who knows what other coupon codes you might find via google) that has expired, hence my $25 miracle, but $35 can still get you oodles of wine and free shipping if you shop from their “Gifts and Collections” section. I ended up ordering the California Cheer Collection and The French Kiss Trio. At this rate we’re going to need a bigger wine rack!

Note: This contest is now closed. Congratulations to Nicole for winning the Ebelskiver pan!

I was very excited a few weeks ago when my friend Aaron from high school emailed to invite me to participate in a private beta of a new project he was working on. The site is called Dibbsly and it can seriously clean up the inbox of those of you, like me, who subscribe to numerous daily deal sites like Groupon, Bloomspot, Townhog etc… Instead of cluttering my inbox with 12 different product sale alerts all I need now is one update provided promptly in the morning by Dibbsly. If you’d like a little more explanation definitely check out the adorable video the team created located below the giveaway details.

Dibbsly is also sponsoring a festive giveaway for Yummery readers. If you leave a comment on this post you’ll be entered to win an Ebelskiver pan. If you aren’t familiar with Ebelskivers you can check out the Cinnamon Bun version I made last week!

You can also get up to 3 additional entries in the contest by doing the following:

Important: Don’t forget to leave additional comments on this post alerting me to each action you’ve completed. This is the only way for me to accept and keep track of multiple entries.

All winners will be selected via the nifty random number generator on Friday, December 24th at 9:00 AM EST, and then I’ll promptly arrange to have an Ebelskiver pan mailed to your home. Best of luck!