I happened upon this lovely little teacup while browsing ModCloth (thank you so much Alejandra for introducing me to this amazing store). I just love having cute mugs at the office and I think this Little Red Riding inspired cup would be a fantastic work accessory.

The Better to Brew You With Teacup is not only adorable but functional and I love that you have the option of brewing an afternoon cup of comfort (Lady Londonderry anyone?) with fresh loose tea as opposed to whatever funky tea bags I’ve had stashed in my desk for ages and ages. Plus clean-up appears to be a snap. You don’t have to fumble with stubborn tea ball latches anymore, just flick the used tea into the trash, wash the metal insert and store your cup proudly next to your purple flower Post-it notes and Alba Cocoa Butter hand lotion. Oh wait…that’s probably just my desk.

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I received this handy Bon Appétit Daily Calendar as a Christmas gift from my Aunt Beth. It’s really the perfect addition to my desk at work. I definitely find myself looking forward to seeing what yummy dish will appear when I tear off the old day to reveal the current recipe. Today I was greeted with Roasted-Garlic Beef Stew made with beef tenderloin and a host of my favorite winter vegetables including the often maligned rutabaga and parsnip. Needless to say I’ll definitely be keeping this page to try at a later date. If you’re still in the market for a functional calendar to decorate your office with then I definitely suggest checking this one out. It’s sure to get your culinary imagination off to a great start in the new year.

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Did your friends and relatives shower you with fabulous kitchen gear this holiday season? Well then this Cherry Pie stationary is the perfect way for you to send your heartfelt thanks to all your near and dear. This pretty kit contains 12 flat note cards, 12 red envelopes and 12 adorable stickers, but the best part is that you can have it personalized with your name or even a favorite motto. Might I suggest the tried and true “Bon Appetit?”

[Product submitted by Erin].

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Snifty Scented Pens Paperwork got you down? Grocery list a big yawn? Or maybe your novel is at an annoying standstill? Whatever writer’s block you’re suffering from will instantly be cured when you pick up one of these deliciously aromatic pens.

Now you can get over all your textual hurdles with a decadent calorie-free boost while enjoying a cheerful whiff of Watermelon, Frosted Cupcake, Strawberry, or Bubblegum. Inevitably these pens are sure to become an object of envy so be sure to lock them safely away from people with sticky finger tendencies.

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Gummy Bear Eraser and Pencil SharpenerIf your co-workers are notorious for stealing your pens, paper clips, and even your lunch on occasion then these too cute for words Gummy Bear Eraser/Sharpener combos simply don’t stand a chance. I suggest you buy a dozen and dole them out to your klepto cube-mates before they swipe your prized possession. You’ll make friends and possibly curb office crime. You’re such a good minion! Obviously you deserve a raise.

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