UFO JuicerSpotted on breakfast tables like yours: an unidentified juicing object. Don’t worry, it comes in peace … and in three different colors. Available in pink, navy, or lime, the UFO Intergalactic Juicer features a sturdy construction, pulp strainer, and removable saucer for easy cleaning. Bonus: you get all the fun of an alien invasion without the dreaded abduction scenario. We’re sure Balloon Boy would approve.

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Anti-Theft Lunch Bags While I’ve never had anyone actually steal my lunch before I’ve heard many horror stories from other people about their ridiculous co-workers who have broken this cardinal rule of workplace etiquette.  So the next time some jerk in your office steals your yogurt or leftovers from P.F. Changs you can be prepared for their shenanigans by stowing your food in one of these Anti-theft Lunch Bags. I doubt anyone has the nerve to stick their hand inside this revolting meal, although you will potentially run the risk of having your sandwich tossed in the trash by that one person who actually takes the time to clean the break room refrigerator.

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Bone Chillers Ice Cube TrayImagine these ice cubes bobbing abut in a highball glass being held by your best friend who is dressed up like Jem from Jem and the Holograms. It’s a sight to behold, right? You can freeze colored liquids or really trash it up with some Jello shots; the party possibilities are truly endless, but personally I’d start by tossing a bunch into some ghoulishly good spiked punch.

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Lobster Baby CostumeI dare you to resist the urge to burst into songs from The Little Mermaid after you dress your adorable little girl or boy in this bright and cheerful lobster outfit. Perhaps the early exposure to seafood will also curb any chance that your baby will develop into a picky non-seafood eater. If you’re still looking for a costume of your own to go along with your bouncing crustacean might I suggest a stick of butter. Or is that too dark?

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Doggie Taco CostumePuppies in costumes are seriously squeal worthy, but a puppy dressed like a taco is laugh out loud funny. Finally get back at man’s best friend for chewing up your favorite pair of stilettos with this hilarious getup that is sure to attract attention. I suppose the only question left is whether your dog wants to be eaten with hot, medium, or mild salsa.

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Strawberry Shortcake CostumeFor a lot of women Halloween is about bringing sexy back in a big way. So instead of being a “sexy nurse” or a “sexy superhero” this year why not flaunt yourself in a Sexy Strawberry Shortcake costume? The tights alone make this look beyond fabulous and I’m sure tons of party-goers will run up to you squealing and gushing about how amazing you look and then you can all reminisce about your collection of dolls. Personally I was a big fan of Angel Cake and Blueberry Muffin too. Plus, if you’re really creative maybe you can get your date to dress up like the Purple Pie Man?

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Wasabi Lip BalmFrankly I think there’s a time and a place for Wasabi. This most commonly involves chopsticks, spicy tuna rolls, and a chilled glass of Japanese beer, but I know many people have clandestine love affairs with the eye watering green stuff. This is painfully made clear to me each time my boyfriend dissolves a hearty amount of the paste into his soy sauce. While this lip balm doesn’t tempt me I’m sure it will intrigue many Wasabi addicts reading this. especially as you get all of the unique flavor with none of the burn.

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