Eureka! I’ve found it at last! Egg Nog Bubblegum: the perfect stocking stuffer. I’m an egg nog fiend this time of year, and since those delicious Egg Nog lattes only last so long during the long work day wouldn’t it be nice if you could pop a cute little gum ball in your mouth and enjoy some instant holiday cheer without having to bundle up and walk down the street to your favorite coffee shop? You better believe it!

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Just when you thought that cupcakes couldn’t possibly get any cuter someone comes along and designs costumes for them. For local readers please note that I happened upon these Yum Bot silicone bases while browsing at Henry Bear’s Park, a toy store in Porter Square.

While I’m never been one to geek-out over cupcakes, the science fiction nod that this product brings to the table truly speaks to my inner geek. These would, of course, make excellent additions to any child’s themed birthday party, but honestly I think I’d rather break them out for a Doctor Who marathon. As long as the Yum Bots don’t try to take over the world I think we’ll be in good shape.

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While most children probably don’t need the added distraction of toys a dinner time, as an adult I find myself completely enamored with the idea of having my table set with an array of these Chalkboard Placemats.

Imagine the impromptu games of hangman and tick-tack-toe that will spontaneously erupt during your latest dinner party?! Not to mention the convenience of jotting down grocery items, story ideas, or “to do” lists while you have your morning coffee. No pen? No problem!

Each inspiring set contains one placemat, four pieces of colorless, dustless chalk, and a recycled felt eraser. It would appear that my fellow allergy sufferers wont have to run screaming from a dusty dining room, unless someone decides to scape their nails down the middle of their placemat…

Julia Child Prayer CandleI was a tad devastated this past weekend when I discovered that my oh-so-curious polydactyly cat, Dexter, got a little too up close and personal with my Julia Child Prayer Candle and pushed it off the island in my kitchen. Needless to say Julia got a bit banged up, but the lovely designer behind these kitschy candles, Veronica, saw my sad little tweet and quite generously offered to send a replacement. So yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and she texts happy news to melancholy home cooks with bothersome cats.

Those of you who don’t already own one of these fabulous candles will be happy to learn that they’re back in stock! Veronica also does custom orders so if Lidia Bastianich or Mario Batali are more your style I’m sure she’d be willing to work something out with you.

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Spongioli RavioliMama Mia! This set of six ravioli-shaped sponges from Fred Studio looks good enough to eat! But we recommend you don’t—there’s no ooey gooey cheese inside these pasta pockets. Better than old-fashioned cellulose, spongioli ravioli are anti-bacterial gourmet kitchen sponges that are super-absorbent, strong, and long lasting. Oh, and they’re also low-carb (bonus!) A great gift for pasta enthusiasts, Italian expatriates, or anyone who loves quirky kitchen accessories, spongoli ravioli will have the recipient crying, “holy canoli!” in delight, because these little scrubbers are just that cool

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Fortune Cookie Salt and Pepper ShakersConfucius say foods seasoned with fortune cookie shakers taste real yummy. This adorable fortune cookie salt and pepper set contains two white cookie shakers and a black tray for display on your kitchen counter or tabletop. Dishwasher-safe, each ceramic cookie measures 3” in diameter. In life it is uncertain how the fates will shake out, but your salt? With these little cookies, a goodly sprinkling is guaranteed.

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Coal Bubble GumMaking a list? Checking it twice? Got someone on your Christmas list that’s been not-so-nice? Give that naughty person just what they deserve! Slip a lump of “coal” in their stocking and wait for the surprise. With its clever black packaging, this box of coal bubble gum will make the recipient squirm with phrases like “because you were very bad” and “it’s all you get” stamped across the front, but inside there’s a sugary treat—2.5 oz of individually wrapped black gumballs. This is a great gift that is sure to bring the LOLs on Christmas morning, because even bad girls and boys deserve something sweet in their stocking.

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Ninja Salt and Pepper ShakersNinjas are awesome! So is properly seasoned food. Bring these dudes to your table and you’ll have the best of both worlds. This Ninja Salt and Pepper shaker set comes with two ceramic warriors ready to serve. With coordinating black and white sashes, a miniature throwing star and sword, these fearsome assassins are really very cute. A word of caution: while these kitchen ninjas won’t kill you in your sleep, a too-heavy hand with the pepper might give you heartburn. Proceed with dietary vigilance.

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Popping Edamame Keychain Edamame is a relatively new staple in my culinary repertoire. It started innocently enough with some tentative sampling at various sushi restaurants and resulted in a fiendish love of the little green soy beans that has blossomed into a full on obsession. I find myself buying edamame all the time now. Sometimes I’ll even cook a batch and eat them lightly dusted with sea salt instead of popcorn while watching television. I suppose there are many worse things I could confess to eating though so all in all this is at the very least a healthy food compulsion. If you love edamame too and wish to never be parted from their flavorful presence then I’d recommend attaching your house keys to this Popping Edamame Keychain. That way you can enjoy the popping sensation again and again even when you don’t have a boiling pot of salted water readily on hand.

[Product submitted by Carrie].

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Tipsy Toes Ice CubesAs Dorothy learned in The Wizard of Oz there’s no place like home and these Tipsy Toes Ice Cubes will have you wanting to click your heels together immediately. This set of frosty fashionista inspired fire-engine red stilettos comes in sets of six so you can share the simply darling icy pumps with your best girlfriends without worrying about not wearing the same size. Plus your feet wont require a single band-aid the morning after your cocktail party.

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