Chalk Note Glassware It’s official. I’m completely obsessed with this whole writable dish fad. Let’s face it. I’ve never been very good at remembering what wine charm someone placed on my glass. I tend to end up wondering, “Now…was I a sea horse or a cupcake?” But you really can’t make a mistake when your name is scrawled across the front of your tumbler in neon chalk. Unless of course you’ve been imbibing a bit too much? In that case I don’t think the Chalk Note Glassware is going to help at all. Might I suggest three Tylenol and a bottle of ginger-ale?

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Farmers Market CandleIt snowed in Vermont and Maine this week and tonight there’s a frost warning for Boston. Unfortunately, that means that the Farmers Market season is coming to a close. But even though the cold winds are bearing down on us you don’t have to give up the festive atmosphere surrounding your weekly shopping trip. Simply light this lush new Yankee Candle and experience those warm summer days and cool fall afternoons all over again. I’m partial to scents that remind me of baking and the Farmers Market candle has a lovely aroma reminiscent of fresh apple cider, warm cinnamon rolls, and ripe berries: the perfect smells to brighten the long gray days ahead.

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Slate Coaster and Chalk SetRemember how great it was as a kid when you would finally get your chance to write on the big blackboard in school? The smell of the chalk dust, the clap of an eraser, and the lop-sided slightly slanted answer to a math problem you diligently worked out were some of life’s simple pleasures. At your next get together you can relive that feeling again (and save your coffee table’s finish as well) with this functional yet fashionable Slate Coaster and Chalk Set from Anthropologie. Jot down your guest’s names, or just your grocery list, but whatever you decide I’m sure these little blank canvasses will create amusing new memories.

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