The next time your bar outing start to get a little to ho-hum why not break out this cute Bingo set to really liven up the table? No matter where your favorite watering hole happens to reside I can’t imagine it will take long for you to spot any of the following:

  • a pickup
  • public making out
  • frat boys
  • dude wearing sunglasses inside
  • group shots

I definitely know for a fact that fifteen minutes into any night out in Boston would result in a BINGO! This game comes in a deck of 12 reusable cards and don’t worry — there’s no need for tacky bingo markers. You can simply bend back each icon’s tab to mark your discoveries. I love being able to get my snark on covertly, don’t you?

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The Tea Party GameDarling, would you care for a spot of tea and a crumpet? I’m absolutely certain your little princess (and perhaps adventurous prince) will want to join me for a lump or two of sugar and a spin around this fantastically fulfilling Tea Party game.

The first lass or laddie to complete their tea setting and fill up on dainty treats wins. Of course if the play gets too heated one might want to remind the other ladies and gentleman at the table that anger is not appropriate behavior for a party, and if they’re at a loss for words the weather is always an offenseless topic for conversation.

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Slamwich Card GameSlamwich is a culinary take-off on the popular childhood pastime of Slap Jack, but instead of simply anticipating the appearance of that wily knave you must follow a slightly more intricate set of instructions to collect a hodge podge of discarded veggie and condiment laden cards to win the hand. Pile on the lettuce, peanut butter, bacon, and tomatoes but stay alert! So-called “muncher” and “thief” cards can quickly turn the tables on players. The experts claim this game “teaches reading readiness skills, visual discrimination, and sequencing.” I think it’s probably just good, clean fun that doesn’t involve having to do any dishes.

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Mr. Bacon's Big Adventure GameHop aboard the bacon train again with this grease-free game that is undoubtedly perfect for your friendly foodie game night. The back of the box says it best so without further adieu I give you the description for Mr. Bacon’s Big Adventure Game:

Join Mr. Bacon on a mouth-watering mosey through Meatland! On your journey, you’ll have to navigate your way through the Mustard Marsh, cross the eerie expanse of Wiener Wasteland and sail on the Sausage Sea. If you make it past the deceptive detour of Vegan Alley and avoid getting grounded in Gristle Grotto, you might just make it to the Great Frying Pan at the end of the trail.

I foresee a theme party in my immediate future. How about you?

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Cooking Dash for the iPhone

If you own an iPhone then you’re probably a little addicted to downloading apps, am I right? It’s ok. I fully admit to having an apps addiction too and thanks to this tiny little personality flaw I’m also completely enamored with a little foodie gem called Cooking Dash. The premise of this frantically paced video game is to assist Flo and Grandma with some serious chow slinging after Cookie the Chef leaves Flo’s Diner to pursue a career on a popular cooking reality TV show. It’s a race against the clock as you attempt to seat customers, take their orders, prep food, and serve them all before they leave in a complete hissy fit. If you succeed then you earn big tips that allow you to purchase upgrades for your restaurant that will make your life easier. This cycle continues and becomes more demanding as you advance through the 50 levels and 5 unique restaurants in the game. Do you think you can make enough smoothies, french fries, sandwiches, and chicken to keep your clientele? It’s time to prove it! Don’t own an iPhone? Cooking Dash is also available for the PC or MAC.

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