I’ve had a tiny obsession with egg cups since the moment I was first read Bread and Jam for Francis years and years ago. In this beloved storybook Francis decides that the world’s perfect food is bread and jam and the fact that her parents attempt to serve her something as “revolting” as an egg for breakfast is inconceivable to her.

What caught my attention as a young reader though were the dainty egg cup illustrations at the family table. Francis received her morning egg in an egg cup. What on Earth was an egg cup?! I received my hard boiled eggs in a bowl so obviously this left me feeling deeply deprived. They looked so fancy! And I loved nothing more than being “fancy.”

To this day I still don’t own an egg cup but that may soon change after coming across this pretty pastel set of egg cups in the most recent Crate and Barrel catalog. Purple, pink, yellow, and green – how will I ever be able to choose which cup to balance my egg on? I may have to work out some sort of equal opportunity dish schedule.

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I actually had to Google it this morning so now I know it’s official — Easter is literally right around the corner. Peter Cotton Tail will be hopping down the bunny trail on Sunday, April 4th this year. That means it’s time to plan the all important Easter Brunch/Dinner with family.

No pressure or anything! Even pancakes whipped up from a box will retain an air of luster if you serve them with a pretty napkin wrapped in this cute Bunny Ring. I can’t help but think that little kids will be slightly enthralled by these bright yellow bunnies too. So if you’re missing a few when you start to clear the table I’d suggest taking a peek in their Easter baskets. The Pearl Tail Bunny Napkin Ring is only available in-store at Pier 1 Imports.

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