When I happened upon these adorable containers this morning I knew instantly that they would be item #1 on my Christmas list this year. I’m a sucker for cuteness and these colorful stoneware versions of the funky green fruit baskets that we usually toss immediately after buying cherries, berries, and tomatoes are the perfect small accessory to add to my tiny city kitchen. I love the soft pastel hues and think they would be a great option for serving individual portions of chips and crackers at your next party too. Pretty and functional — what’s not to love?!

Starbucks Candy Cane Cold CupWhat would the holiday season be without some new Starbucks drinkware? Traditionally, holidays means the hot beverage Red Mug. We’ve covered Holiday-themed Starbucks Mugs in the past. This year, Starbucks takes the heat out of the equation by offering a Cold Cup!

The Starbucks Candy Cane Cold Cup Tumbler (Venti shown – $14.95, also available in Grande) is a must have for the Starbucks enthusiast. For the times that you just don’t want a hot beverage, this double-walled cup keeps your drink cold and your hand warm while the signature candy cane straw keeps you in the holiday spirit. An optional dome lid allows you to top it off with whipped cream.

Want a gift set that includes extra straws and the dome lid? Just like the straws? Those and more are also available on the Starbucks Seasonal Gifts page.

This cup will definitely make you do a double take! Cats and goldfish living in harmony, what has the world come to?! But wait! This curious kitty cat just happens to be a handy strainer for loose tea and those pesky goldfish are basking in your piping hot water. It’s not a grudge match but a match made in heaven. The Drinking with the Fishes Teacup is just what your favorite pet lover ordered. Now you only have to worry whether they like one lump of sugar or two.

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I think I have a little addiction to all of the designer discount sites that are popping up everywhere. It started with Rue La La and progressed rapidly since then. The thing is I don’t tend to buy sexy stilettos and leather handbags. Instead, I’m on the prowl for great deals on kitchen gadgets, cute dishes, and colorful utensils. Most of the time I’m able to curb my desire to impulse shop my way into the poor house but sometimes a girl can’t control herself and I hit the “submit” button on a great order of fabulous things.

One Kings Lane happens to be one of these addicting sites. Generally they specialize in designer décor, furniture, accessories and gifts, but they’ve recently announced that they’ll be expanding into kitchen goodies. Every Sunday (beginning on August 29, 2010) at 5:00 PM PDT, One Kings Lane will offer the latest in gourmet food. The debut “Surf and Turf” themed event will feature products from Estancia Beef, Lobster Anywhere, East Coast Gourmet and Cranberry Island Kitchen. Are you getting hungry yet? Then I think it’s time that you signed up!

I happened upon this lovely little teacup while browsing ModCloth (thank you so much Alejandra for introducing me to this amazing store). I just love having cute mugs at the office and I think this Little Red Riding inspired cup would be a fantastic work accessory.

The Better to Brew You With Teacup is not only adorable but functional and I love that you have the option of brewing an afternoon cup of comfort (Lady Londonderry anyone?) with fresh loose tea as opposed to whatever funky tea bags I’ve had stashed in my desk for ages and ages. Plus clean-up appears to be a snap. You don’t have to fumble with stubborn tea ball latches anymore, just flick the used tea into the trash, wash the metal insert and store your cup proudly next to your purple flower Post-it notes and Alba Cocoa Butter hand lotion. Oh wait…that’s probably just my desk.

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I so shouldn’t tell you guys this because I know you’re going to sneak in and buy all of the really cool things before I remember to log in, but this Saturday starting at 11:00 AM EST a Mario Batali Boutique is opening at Rue La La. Trust me. You’re going to want to check it out!

In case you aren’t familiar with this awesome service, Rue La La is a fabulous members only shopping site that offers huge discounts on designer goods ranging from handbags to lasagna pans for a limited time each day. Speaking of pans I so hope one of those enormous cast iron Batali lasagna pans is available in this weekend’s sale!

While a cooking related boutique isn’t available every day over the past few months I’ve seen a large number of culinary related sales on Rue La La including items from The Culinary Institute of America, Kate Spade Home, Wedgwood’s Vera Wang collection, and Henckels. Not to shabby, right?

If any of the above items even remotely interest you then definitely sign-up to become a member of Rue La La. Honestly those 11:00 AM emails each morning announcing the opening of various boutiques have caused my heart leap with joy on more than one occasion. Happy shopping! [A big xoxo to Maggie for originally introducing me to this service].

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I’ve had a tiny obsession with egg cups since the moment I was first read Bread and Jam for Francis years and years ago. In this beloved storybook Francis decides that the world’s perfect food is bread and jam and the fact that her parents attempt to serve her something as “revolting” as an egg for breakfast is inconceivable to her.

What caught my attention as a young reader though were the dainty egg cup illustrations at the family table. Francis received her morning egg in an egg cup. What on Earth was an egg cup?! I received my hard boiled eggs in a bowl so obviously this left me feeling deeply deprived. They looked so fancy! And I loved nothing more than being “fancy.”

To this day I still don’t own an egg cup but that may soon change after coming across this pretty pastel set of egg cups in the most recent Crate and Barrel catalog. Purple, pink, yellow, and green – how will I ever be able to choose which cup to balance my egg on? I may have to work out some sort of equal opportunity dish schedule.

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Good Morning! I wanted to alert you to a sale on Amazon featuring a select array of Le Creuset. The sale appears to pertain to the multi-purpose enamel stockpots. I own one in Caribbean and love it. In addition, other items available at a significant discount include the 2-quart stoneware pitchers, single stoneware baking dishes, sets of stoneware bakers, and the square cast-iron grill skillets. These are all really functional pieces to own and they come in a variety of fresh and funky colors so I’m positive that you’ll find at least one piece that will appeal to your tastes and kitchen needs. Happy shopping!

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New year, new you — or at least a new mug. French Bull, known for their glorious array of vividly colored tableware, has released an eye-catching set of zodiac mugs that will give your morning coffee an entirely unique and personalized look. As a Gemini, this cup perfectly illustrates the duality of my personality. What does your cup say about you?

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Bodum Canteen Porcelain Double Wall Coolers I’m a big fan of Bodum products and I love that their double walled design not only keeps hot things hot but they also keep cold drinks chilly. There aren’t many glasses out their that can attractively hold both your coffee and a gin & tonic and not make you look like a fool. This particular porcelain design is even more fabulous as it comes in an array of sizes and bright colors (including pink and purple). Still not convinced? The thermal double wall construction also prevents condensation so you never need to worry about frantically chasing your family and guests around with coasters ever again.

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