Grown Up Soda

by CK

GUS Ginger Ale

One of the best contributions I’ve made to our foodie household was the day I first stumbled upon Grown Up Soda at our local Whole Foods. Since then a few bottles have been a mainstay in our refrigerator.

Grown Up Soda, or “Gus” for short, is a beverage for those looking for a taste that isn’t as sweet as conventional sodas, but have more flavor than seltzer waters. Gus beverages are also 100% natural, each lightly sweetened with natural cane sugar. While this means there’s no explicit diet option, it also means they’re less calorie laden than their traditional counterparts, weighing in at 90-98 calories per serving.

Gus comes in a wide range of flavors, including Dry Cola, Dry Cranberry Lime, Dry Valencia Orange, and our personal favorite, Extra Dry Ginger Ale. They can be enjoyed on their own right out of the bottle, or in a more “grown up” manner as part of one of the featured cocktail recipes found on their site.

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