Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale

by CK

Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale

Fall has historically been a sad time in our home. Fall usually means the end of Summer, meaning not only is it time to put away the shorts, sandals, and beach towels, but also to say goodbye to Sam Adams’ fantastic Summer Ale. You see, we were never able to find a beer for the Fall that we were as excited about as we were Summer Ale in the Summer.

Until now.

Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale, from the Shipyard Brewing Company in Portland, Maine has a great flavor encompassing various spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice. It definitely has that great pumpkin pie smell and taste we love, though it may not be for everyone. For those people, Shipyard has another beer, the Smashed Pumpkin, which has milder flavors and may be more to their liking.

This beer has definitely solidified a place in our hearts and homes come every Fall, almost to the point we look forward to seeing the leaves change. If you’d like to try Shipyard for yourself, head on down to your local store to find some, but act fast, as its only available through the end of October.

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