Peppermint Williams-Sonoma Essential Oils Collection

by Erin

Peppermint Williams-Sonoma Essential Oils CollectionI have intense allergies to heavily perfumed scents so this limits my candle, soap, and make-up purchases to the more mild and/or hypoallergenic in nature. Fittingly enough the product aromas that never bother my eyes and nose are those more commonly found in the kitchen realm. This means I buy candles that smell like sugar cookies, vanilla, and pumpkin and shy away from anything floral or pine. One of my favorite scents though is peppermint.

During the holidays Williams-Sonoma releases a set of hand soap, dish soap, and lotion that blends cool, refreshing peppermint oil with basil and eucalyptus. Trust me when I say that these soaps and lotions will make your whole house smell like Santa’s workshop. Plus you can feel great about using these minty Earth-friendly products as they contain no parabens, ammonia, or chlorine, and they’re never tested on animals.

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1 Carrie November 10, 2009 at 1:11 pm

this is one product that I can say I actually LIKE when it comes to mint! 🙂 They also make a surface spray, if I recall…. much nicer on the nose than my standard windex!


2 Abbey November 11, 2009 at 1:37 am

YUM! Yes, please! I love ANYTHING having to do with Mint during the Holidays!


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